½ Day Starter Course (BEGINNERS)

This is a short half day course which is designed to get you windsurfing across the lake, making simple turns and steering. This forms the first part of the R.Y.A Start
Windsurfing course.

Start Windsurfing (BEGINNERS)

This is a very comprehensive one day course aimed at those considering taking up this exciting sport. It starts with learning to rig and incorporates sailing across the wind, upwind, downwind, tacking and gybing and the
relevant theory at this level. This is a certificate course.

Fast Track Weekend (BEGINNERS/

A very popular course, The Fast Track to Windsurfing weekend is two days of intense windsurfing activity. Start Windsurfing day one, day two using RAF sails, Faster Tacking and introduction to Harnessing (Beginner to
intermediate in one weekend!).

Fast Forward Non-Planing (INTERMEDIATES)

Introduction to 'Fast Forward Formula'. Covers Launching, Beachstarting, Landing, Sailing techniques, Stance and
introduction to Harnessing.

Fast Forward Planing (INTERMEDIATES)

This course develops knowledge and skills practised
previously, Gathering confidence in Harnessing essential grounding to getting planing.

Coaching Sessions/Clinics

These are informal training sessions covering many
aspects of start windsurfing and above.

PLEASE NOTE: It is advisable to have some practice between courses